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Artemis project

This is a unique opportunity to spend a dream week in the village of Discover how to develop your artistic creativity with a combination of various activities.

These activities will include:

  • An Art course
  • Exploring the area
  • A show
  • A French cooking evening
  • Winter or summer sports

activities depending on the time of year All accommodation, meals, transfers to and from the from airport, and transport to the above activities are included for the price of 2500 Euros.

Here is an outline of what you would expect to experience when you spend a week at Gramat.

You will be in a group with a maximum of twenty-five people alternating between the following activities:

  • Creativity A painter/artist with 25 years experience will offer a few lessons and exercises. These will plant the seed of creativity, which will flourish and grow throughout your life. Although you will learn some practical tips and techniques in painting, the course is more designed to develop your creative skills.
  • The places you will discover the "gouffre de Padirac and the gouffre de Rocamadour
  • Shows You will spend a relaxing time with a Show of either:
    • Diverse music of the world
    • Or Sketch
    • Or Poetic Mime
    • Or Folk Singing
    • Or Folk Dancing
    The show will take place either in the Afternoon or evening depending on the time of year.
  • French Cuisine One evening will be spent cooking and eating a Traditional French cuisine for dinner.
  • Sports
  • Visit in the atelier of the painter: artist

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